Standard Ink Colors

Standard Ink Colors

Flexography and Silk Screening

Due to the limitations of web color actual colors may vary slightly. These colors should only be used as a reference. See below for other notes and limitations.

The closest PMS match is listed for each standard color for reference. PMS matches for standard colors are approximate and may vary. We cannot guarantee a perfect match to the listed PMS color

Base Material: 
The above inks are printed on a white base material. Printing colors on any other colored base material (including white matte paper when printing flexographically) will alter the color slightly and make matching impossible.

Flexography, Four Color Process, and Digital Printing: 
The above samples are screen printed and should only be used as a reference when printing flexographically or via four color process (4CP) which is used when digitally printing. Flexographic inks will not match exactly and fluorescent and metallic colors will appear lighter and less vibrant. Digital or 4CP printing has limitations. Some colors and PMS numbers fall outside the achievable range. Fluorescent and metallic colors are not available in 4CP.

Fluorescent Inks: 
For contrast, we recommend that fluorescent inks be used against black or one of our dark standard colors. Industry standards indicate that fluorescent inks (unlike other screen printed choices) will fade rapidly when exposed to direct sunlight (time varies by location and usage). Fluorescent inks are recommended for indoor or short-term outdoor usage only.

Regarding Colors and Your Computer Monitor: 
Colors will appear differently from one computer monitor to another. Please see the actual screen printed color chips found in the back of our Full-Line Catalog to reference accurate colors.

Other Standard Colors: 
Other standard colors not shown include White, Black, and some transparent colors. Color Matching: Colors other than our standard choices will require a Color Match charge of $37.00 (E) per color. Please specify a Pantone Matching System (PMS) number for reference. Due to variations in ink formulations, subtle color changes can occur beyond our control. Therefore, perfect color matches cannot be guaranteed.