San Marcos Prevention Coalition

The San Marcos Prevention Coalition is dedicated to fostering collaboration among various stakeholders, including public and private organizations, governments, and communities. Their mission is to prevent and reduce substance use among youth while addressing the factors that contribute to substance abuse in the community. Their vision is to unite organizations, cultivate a culture of prevention, and proactively tackle substance abuse issues. They emphasize that prevention involves promoting positive lifestyles and discouraging destructive behaviours across generations.

Additionally, the coalition acknowledges the existence of numerous intervention resources in San Marcos and aims to enhance their impact by tailoring prevention programs to the specific needs of the community, striving for more effective and results-driven initiatives.


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San Marcos Prevention Coalition
San Marcos, CA
(760) 410-8094
The San Marcos Prevention Coalition unites stakeholders to prevent substance use, cultivate a culture of prevention, and enhance intervention efforts, aiming for a healthier, substance-free community.