Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are a big part of every business need. Sometimes aluminum signs are used to provide directions. Other times they are used to provide instructions.

Such a situation presented itself when Ryan Carr, with Hole in Won Golf, came to Biz Print and Promo.

Ryan and his team needed instructional signage to be used on golf courses throughout Southern California. After Ryan provided the core information, Biz Launchers created the graphics utilizing the colors from the color brochures and business cards produced previously.

Once approved by Hole in Won Golf, Biz Print and Promo printed the signage using 5 year, outdoor vinyl and mounted to .030 aluminum material with rounded corners. Aluminum signs are great for outdoor signage because they are lightweight, corrosion resistant and are unaffected by rain, fog, and other elements. 

After the initial installation, a second sign was added for additional emphasis to the Hole In Won Golf System just around the next incline. To maintain company branding, the same styling was used on the new directional sign.

Special thanks to Hole In Won and Ryan Carr for allowing us to feature the informational and directional signage here. For more information about Hole In Won Golf visit the website, http://www.holeinwongolf.com