Danny Ritchey is a photographer based out of North County San Diego. He shoots a diverse range of subjects from landscapes, action sports and wild life, always adhering to the principles of leave no trace.

A 20 year Navy Veteran, I joined the Navy in the early 80’s and left the Mid-West to see the world, that experience has left me with a desire for adventure and travel. At the end of my Navy career, I started my photography journey, I call it a journey because it seems like I am always in the act of traveling from one place to another but now I have a camera with me, much to my family’s annoyance it seems. Traveling to different locations from Coast to Coast has given me a chance to work on my artistic composition and develop my craft. Not knowing what you find from location to next makes a person flexible and adaptable, I believe my Navy life helps a lot with that trait. Located out of Southern California, specifically North County San Diego gives me some prime West Coast shooting locations, from Yosemite NPS to the Olympic NPS and all the locations and beaches between, its a joy and challenges to photography and see them all.

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Danny Ritchey Photography

Based in North County San Diego provides me with ample opportunity to travel and photograph some amazing people, places and thing